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Freedom Fence & Landscape LLC can install your retaining wall for you in no time. We offer them in different sizes, heights, and shapes, which means you’re sure to find one that you like when you rely on us to install it for you. This type of wall supports soil that could separate parts of your yard. Most homeowners would consider this to be a major investment so they take their time to understand what they are purchasing.

They do this by contacting us to speak with our helpful and knowledgeable associates about their service needs. You deserve to know what you’re getting for your money and there is no one better to discuss this with you than our associates. With the help of our associates and our landscape architects, we are confident that we can help find the right type of retaining wall for your needs. Call us for your complimentary consultation today. 

Advantages of a Retaining Wall

Most of our customers are aware of what a retaining wall looks like but they aren’t always familiar with all the benefits that it has to offer besides keeping the soil from ruining their yards. It can also help prevent sinkholes and can hide mounds of dirt, piles, and dirt piles. Ultimately, it can help prevent a flood in your yard. This can occur if there is nothing to prevent run-on water from developing in an area of your yard that has a minor slope.

A Retaining wall can also prevent erosion and limit the amount of maintenance that has to be done. It serves your yard from costly services later. We have assembled a team of experienced landscape architects with the necessary skills needed to effectively assist with your service needs. They are ready and willing to assist in any capacity necessary.

Affordable Retaining Wall

If you are just starting to research retaining walls then you may notice that some of them can be very expensive. However, don’t panic because not all of them are expensive. There are some very reasonably priced retaining walls that you’ll have to choose from when you contact Freedom Fence & Landscape LLC. We can install a retaining wall at an affordable rate by working with the budget that you have set aside for your landscaping needs.

You won’t have to go over that amount since we will provide you with options within your price range. With the variety of retaining walls that are available to you, there is no doubt that we can provide you with the type of retaining wall that you want and need at a price that you can afford. Contact us so that we can get started on installing your retaining wall today. 

Providing You With Additional Space

Surprisingly, a retaining wall can help define parts of your yard and offer you additional space. Perhaps you can’t imagine where you’ll get additional space from but relying on experts means that you’re relying on someone with an eye for these types of details. Many of those who rely on us to install his or her retaining wall are surprised to see how much space they have in their yard once they have had the retaining wall installed.

If there is a slope in your yard then do yourself a favor by relying on us to install your retaining wall for you right away. Get great value for your money by allowing us to show you some high-quality retaining wall options that we can install for you. Regardless of the size of your retaining wall, it is sure to provide you with additional space.

Why Hire Freedom Fence & Landscape LLC

We have the most experienced landscape architects to guide our customers through the process of selecting the right type and size retaining wall. They have years of experience that has served our customers well, which is why so many people continue to turn to us for his or her retaining wall needs. We care about the quality of service that we offer to our customers, which is why we only hire the most qualified landscape architects.

Let us show you why our landscaping services are so popular within the St. Louis community. Since we work with major manufacturers, we source high-quality retaining walls that are made to last. Your retaining wall is sure to be worth the investment if you allow our qualified landscape architects to install it for you.

There is a reason why our services are preferred and we welcome the opportunity to show you why whenever you want a retaining wall installed.

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